Complex is Beautiful

The first time shopping for a diamond can seem overwhelming - cut, color, clarity, ratings, and a whole list of data to consider. After the panic from the prices, the defiant feeling of "it is just a rock polished up and made to look pretty" sets in. Once that feeling subsides, and one really begins to look at the variation and uniqueness among diamonds in a jewelry store, most of us are are amazed at the beauty of a well-cut diamond. In its raw form a diamond truly is just a rock, but when a master cutter gets to work, the full beauty of the diamond is put on display.

Image of a diamond

Life is not much different. As we move through life or business, our experiences and relationships begin to shape us. As those experiences work, they create complexity out of what many may perceive as the simplest of lives. In some cases, think 2020, that complexity comes rapidly. In other cases, think a long, successful marriage, that complexity is forged by years of committed devotion to something bigger than an individual. Regardless of how rapidly it comes, complexity creates beauty.

But even after the careful cutting and faceting of a diamond, all diamonds require polish to make them shine. A jeweler will carefully apply the polishing material and use special tools to bring the shine and highlight beauty of the diamond. Many tools exist to clean jewelry at home, but even the best of these tools fall short of the effect a master jeweler has in cleaning and restoring the beauty of a diamond. If you have never had a professional jeweler clean your jewelry, take it to the jeweler and see.

As your life grows in complexity, you should surround yourself with people who are masters at bringing out the shine of your beautiful life - financial professionals, attorneys, accountants, counselors, and others are all positioned to help bring out the shine of your life. Attorneys bear a unique role in assisting you in planning, preparing, and protecting all of the complexities that make your life. They can help you look forward and plan for action in the future, and they can help you understand how past actions affect your present legal position. Ultimately, an attorney understands how to help you bring out the beauty of your complex life.