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When starting your own small business, you need to have all your bases covered. That being said though, it’s impossible to be a full one-person operation, acting as a CEO, legal representative, employee, human resources official, and more. Wilson Legal Solutions, based out of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, is here to take one more thing off your plate with our personalized small business legal advice. Let us help you identify which solutions are right for you and contact our contract lawyers for small businesses!

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The first time shopping for a diamond can seem overwhelming - cut, color, clarity, ratings, and a whole list of data to consider. After the panic from the prices, the defiant feeling of "it is just a rock polished up and made to look pretty" sets in. Once that feeling subsides, and one really begins to look at the variation and uniqueness among diamonds in a jewelry store, most of us are are amazed at the beauty of a well-cut diamond. In its raw form a diamond truly is just a rock, but when a master cutter gets to work, the full beauty of the diamond is put on display.


At some point in many American comedy or drama television series, the characters will almost certainly be involved in a “bequeathing” scene. A lawyer sits at the front of a room before a small assembly of people ready to bestow the posthumous gifts of an extraordinarily wealthy and/or eccentric individual. The room is always “stately” with mahogany wainscoting, a huge bookcase, and the dark colors of a would-be judge’s chambers. I am convinced they just change out a few things and use that standing set for judge’s chambers in other shows and episodes. Regardless, the image is set to give the appearance of great formality and expense.