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How Wilson Legal Solutions Can Help You

At Wilson Legal Solutions in Minneapolis, we are proud to offer personalized legal services. We provide our clients with reasonable pricing, creativity, and a consultative approach with more than 14 years of experience. You deserve to feel confident in any legal situation you may face and we want to be the team supporting you the whole way through.

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Resolve Business Disputes

Being faced with any disputes, whether for your home, family, or your business, is a troublesome process for anyone involved. Our team at Wilson Legal Solutions is trained and passionate about advocating for you throughout the entire legal process. We are work hard to help clients solve complex problems such as partnership disputes, breach of contract, vendor disputes, and non-compete disputes. We have your back when it comes to business litigation.

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Provide Mediation

The stress of navigating through disputes and conflict does not have to be a mountain you face alone. We provide options to solve complex issues outside of the courtroom by offering mediation. Our mediation sessions will give everyone the safe space to come to a solution for their complex problem. Meet with your talented attorney and find a solution your way.

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Personal Injury Help

Accidents happen to everyone, but you never expect them to happen to you. Injury caused by the negligence of another is truly difficult to navigate, but with Wilson Legal Solutions, you never have to face it alone. We provide legal help for individuals facing a wide range of cases and make sure no matter the case, you are ready for your day in court.

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Estate Planning

Life is set in stages we all face and here at Wilson Legal Solutions, we have the skills to help set your estate or real estate up for success! We don’t want property issues ever getting in the way of the plans you need in place to be sure your estate is taken care of. With years of experience, we can help you navigate through your property or real estate issue in Minnesota.

Protect Your Professional Goals With Wilson Legal Solutions

We all have a gift and ours is a passion for legal aid in our community. We take pride in the solutions we bring to the table for anyone needing assistance. No case is too big or too small. Call us today to get started!