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Wilson Legal Solutions is well-versed in Minnesota estate laws and has years of experience helping our clients have a plan in place. We understand that estate planning is a complicated process which is why we listen to your unique needs to make sure everything is done according to your wishes. You deserve a law firm that puts your needs first which is why Wilson Legal Solutions is here to lend a helping hand.

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What Do Estate Planning Attorneys Do?

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Our experienced estate planning attorneys provide a wealth of services and knowledge regarding:

  • Will and estate planning document preparations

  • Identifying beneficiaries

  • Establishing a power of attorney

  • Establishing trusts to protect and transfer assets

  • Non-Probate estates

  • Will probates

  • And much more

Wilson Legal Solutions will help executors and personal representatives navigate the process to transfer ownership of estate assets efficiently and consistent with the wishes of the deceased member.

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When Do You Need One?

There are many reasons why you should hire an estate planning attorney in Minnesota but here are just a few signs that it is time to set up an estate plan.

  • You own valuable property: expensive collections like real estate, boats, jewelry, vehicles, and other valuables require a solid estate plan to avoid passing through probate.

  • You own firearms: If the transfer of guns is done incorrectly, it can lead to violating the Firearms Act of 1934 which creates more headaches than solutions. Create a gun trust so your firearms are transferred to the right people legally.

These signs are barely scratching the surface of reasons why you should hire an estate planning attorney. Contact us today to learn more about how an estate planning attorney can help you.

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What to Expect

Our job is to make sure that your affairs are in order and that all of your documents are valid and enforceable. This ensures that your assets are divided evenly and exactly how you want them dispersed. Without this legal advice, your affairs will be left in the hands of your family to decide how to divide your assets. Contact us today to make sure your documents are in order and you have everything you need.

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